KLC Network Services, Inc. News
Summer Family Fun Day - July 2016
KLC owners host another successful family fun day for employees, family, friends, and co-workers in July 2016 at the Lake Fairfax Picnic and camping area. Over 200 adults and children attended the party and made the day. The Caribbean Themed party featured a Steel Drum band that set the hot summer mood and ambiance of the day. The owners spared no expense with Caricature artists, Palm/tarot card readers, hair braiders (lots of princesses were running around after visiting the braiders), Mechanical Shark rides, funnel cakes, an Ice Cream truck, a petting zoo with Pony rides, and much, much more...

Food catering by three companies kept to the Caribbean Theme alive by providing shrimp, fish, Jerk Chicken, Red Beans and rice, burgers, hotdogs, bratwurst and so much more. Blue Crabs and Crab legs were on hand to top off the abundance of food already prepared. KLC employees went home with tons of goodie bags, as the motto of the company is “better to have too much than not enough”. I personally agree with this motto, if you go home hungry, it’s no one’s fault but your own.

What trip to the ocean would be complete without a visit from Ariel of the Little Mermaid stories? Every little girl hung on every word as Ariel arrived with a mermaid tail and through the day transitioned into her land legs. Though wobbly on her new legs, the little girls of the party helped Ariel gain her balance on land and graced the audience with her Golden Voice.

Last, but certainly not least, another special guest arrived. As many would suggest, our guest is probably one of the most colorful and popular Caribbean personalities to ever sail the seas. Captain Jack Sparrow decided to visit the party and cause a stir among the party goers. No, Johnny Depp was not available, but his famous impersonator was and never broke character as he told jokes, stole jewels and food, rode a horse and a shark, read palms, and wreaked havoc on the Caribbean party goers….I believe he even recruited some small lads to lead a life of piracy with him.

Though a hot day in July, the owners of KLC never failed to show their appreciation to the employees of the company as all children left with a special surprise and multiple lucky winners won door prizes stemming from gift cards to an XBOX 1 as the major prize (it eludes me every year). This is one event that all employees look forward to every year, with good reason.

Tour de Cure - June 2016
The Tour De Cure is a nationally recognized event held to raise funding for research to help stop the spread of diabetes and raise awareness of the disease. Two races are held in the summer for the DC area, one in Washington DC proper and the other located in N. VA, Reston, VA. Thousands of riders join various teams or ride individually to be part of the Tour De Cure Ride. It is not a race, but a bike ride that helps people of all experience levels participate and raise awareness about diabetes. The event has multiple routes of varying distances to choose from based on training level and capabilities: 14/20 miles for families and beginners; 36 mile ride, 68 mile ride and a 108 mile century.

The Reston Tour De Cure attempts to raise $1,000,000 every year, and Reston in 2016 was no different than years past. All riders attending are asked to raise, at a minimum, $250 each. KLC employee Jeremy Warman rode in his fifth Tour De Cure out of Reston and became a 5 time Red Rider Champion fund raiser, raising over $1000 each year ($1000 fundraising for a rider makes them a Champion Rider). Jeremy is part of Team Red, a nationally recognized team for the Tour De Cure of riders who live or know someone who lives with diabetes. Jeremy is a Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 32. Jeremy, with the help of friends, family, co-workers, and his employer KLC plans to continue riding in the Tour De Cure and set his sites on raising more each year and working his way to riding in the 108 Mile Century.

Holiday Extravaganza - December 2015
KLC holiday extravaganza is an annual event hosted by the company owners to show appreciation for their employees, the success of the company, and a night out of fun with their friends, co-workers, and significant others. The 2015 James Bond Themed event is recognized as the top holiday party run by the company and everyone is excited to see how the owners and volunteers of the event can top the fun in the following years. The evenings patrons, dressed to the gills in tuxedos and evening wear, when would Bond be seen without a tux, set the mood of the evening. Outstanding entertainment provided by the nationally recognized Radio Kings Orchestra, along with special guests the Pin Curl Girls brought an elegance seldom seen in company events. The band provided a swinging good time playing Big Band sounds and songs from the mid-1900's to the 2010's keeping with the James Bond Theme.

No James Bond party would be fun without gambling, as the International Man of MI6 has played his hand at a few gambling tables. The party, filled with casino games and play money (no real gambling on the premises) enhanced the ambiance of the evening for all KLC coworkers and guests. The top casino winner, earning himself over 1.5 million dollars, went home with a wonderful new GoPro active camera for his strong efforts...perhaps we have a true Bond persona working among us.

No party can be upset by a mob of coworkers, unbeknownst to the audience, who provided a flash mob moment dancing to the music of Austin Powers and putting together a spectacular rendition of the dance through his movies, Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery. KLC plan for an even bigger gathering this year to show thanks and appreciation and comradery among its employees.